Interested in attending Juan Diego Catholic High School, Saint John the Baptist Elementary or Middle School for the 24-25 school year? Come and experience our school in person.  Schedule a tour or shadow day today.


Utah Fits All Scholarship applications are now open! Please visit to apply today.  There is a deadline of April 15, 2024, don’t delay in submitting your family’s application. We encourage all families on campus to apply even if you think your family may not quality.  While applications are prioritized and awarded based on income, the program is available to any student who meets the eligibility requirements as follows:

-Utah resident in grades K-12, not enrolled in or attending public school full time, not receiving the Cason Smith Special Needs Scholarship or the Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship.



Growth Included

Academics—Learning real-world applications from a variety of advanced academic programs, such as AP courses and scientific research with University of Utah. A home away from home atmosphere allows students to learn in a welcoming, safe space where they can grow as individuals, together.


Teamwork Included

Athletics—Teaching students the value of hard work, determination, and confidence in a team atmosphere while promoting a sense of belonging, purpose, and comraderie. Our programs create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.


Expression Included

Arts—Expressing yourself while becoming a well-rounded individual. We encourage students to pursue their passion while learning the value of a satisfying and rewarding artistic education.


Respect Included

Values—Developing well-rounded individuals beyond the classroom to help them be respectful, tolerant, and accepting members of society. A top priority at Juan Diego is cultivating the “whole” person.