October 25, 2023, 6-8 pm

Each fall, prospective students and families are invited to our annual Open House. Here you will be led on tour by our best advocates: our students! With newly renovated spaces including eight new science classrooms, an engineering lab, basketball & volleyball courts, and a VR lab (coming soon), there is something for everyone at Juan Diego.



Growth Included

Academics—Learning real-world applications from a variety of advanced academic programs, such as AP courses and scientific research with University of Utah. A home away from home atmosphere allows students to learn in a welcoming, safe space where they can grow as individuals, together.


Teamwork Included

Athletics—Teaching students the value of hard work, determination, and confidence in a team atmosphere while promoting a sense of belonging, purpose, and comraderie. Our programs create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.


Expression Included

Arts—Expressing yourself while becoming a well-rounded individual. We encourage students to pursue their passion while learning the value of a satisfying and rewarding artistic education.


Respect Included

Values—Developing well-rounded individuals beyond the classroom to help them be respectful, tolerant, and accepting members of society. A top priority at Juan Diego is cultivating the “whole” person.